Monthly Archives: February 2013

Collector’s item 1

The perfect way to fill those vacant places in your interior and create ambiance are collections. It could be anything, as long as you like it. Just because I am a big fan, here are some great examples. The small lantern houses are my absolute favorite and despite the lack of space, I already started […]


Bumba birthday cake

Happy 1st Birthday! 1

Today is little Julia’s first birthday! Because she is a big fan of Bumba the clown, these are her birthday cakes! And yes, two cakes. One for the friends and family and a small one for Julia herself.   The biggest cake was decorated with of course, Bumba, balloons and a guirlande. The small cake […]

Jewels on display

I’ve been busy on the DIY’s lately and after making the jewellery branch, as seen here, I’ve been thinking of more ways to properly show off your pretty things. One solution may be a jewellery dish. I saw an example on Pinterest and it inspired me to not only use my porcelain paint for actual […]

Sieradenschaaltje 'Kant'


You stylish animal

Spotted: stylish, faux leather animals. They might even be art. Meet Züny. Their slogan: “Make your life funny and easy” actually says it all. They want to distract you from annoyance, work pressure and frustration by making creative, fun leather home accessories. Because they want the emphasis to be on unique ideas, each Züny is […]

Composed porcelain

When you can’t buy it, you make it!Lately, I’ve been busy with DIY’s that are as easy as they are fun. Today: composing several porcelain or glass elements into one piece.   These two are composed cake stands. Find a plate or dish to your taste and combine it with a small vase or a […]


Victoria's Secret cake

Themed birthday cake

Happy Birthday to my friend Sharon! Tonight she is having her party and since her invite was in Victoria’s Secret style, the cake shouldn’t be any different. Since this is one of the few cakes or cupcakes that I have made with fondant and marzipan, I was a little nervous in the process. Luckily it […]

Jewellery branch

Pinterest is my ultimate source for inspiration. Sometimes you find great products which you can just buy but more often you have to put some effort into it. A while ago I found this lovely idea of using a tree branch as a jewellery display, I couldn’t find them in stores so that meant yet […]