Monthly Archives: December 2012

Pear and cherry crumble

Christmas is: Home made desert

With Christmas there are many possibillities to celebrate at restaurants but how good is home made food! I especially agree on this when it comes to desert. This year I made tiramisu and pear-cherry crumble. Both are easy to make, but since the crumble was something different I present you the recipe: – Sliced up […]

Christmas is: DIY presents

Fun to make and fun to get, a personalised present for Christmas. Lately I have been wanting to try out porcelain paint and that idea let to some more presents to hand out. For mom For dad For my sister Anouk For my sister Esther The only things you need: porcelain paint, a tiny brush, something […]

Mok 'Fantachetic'


Christmas is: wrapping presents extra special

One of the most fun things of Christmas is wrapping the presents you bought for others. Luckely I had some practice before! For instance you can use labels (the oldskool brown ones of handmade), ribbon, string, masking tape and spice up the brown paper with fun stamps. Writing a fun line on the labels usually does […]

Cake stand

It happens more than once in a while. You are looking for that one thing: the perfect jeans, those exact shoes you had seen online, furniture that’s all in the same color range.. It is exactly then that you can do whatever you want, try so hard but you won’t find it. Don’t worry, you […]



Classic beauty

Sophia Loren, Rita Heyworth, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe… the definition of classic beauty. Back in the days looking beautiful was quite different then it is now. It was all curves, winged eyeliner and lipstick. How great was that? For one I embrace the vintage look with both arms, the classic way or with […]