Happy Halloween!

This year I decided to take part in the Halloween celebration. Fun costumes, decorating the place, making themed snacks…
Unfortunately Halloween is officially upcoming Wednesday which means all my friends will have the work early the next day. But I don’t give up so easily, we just celebrate on the weekends!

Here’s my kind of Halloween party in a few simple steps

1. Dress up!
My bat costume included small ears made of a black headband en felt, bat wings made of tricot, a little black dress and nailpolish claws.
None of  them are rocket science but still super cute! It was obviously extra fun to dance to Michael Jackson’s thriller wearing this.

2. Decorate!
Bunting, a pumpkin, the right table wear, creepy animals and fire. To me those are pretty much the basics.
I mostly want the desert table to be perfect but some extra bunting can’t hurt!

Print out characters in a pretty font and cut them out of wallpaper, word bunting!

Spiders, Jack-O-Lantern faces and thomb stones

Pumpkin carving

Spider webs, spiders and bats

Boo! Straw bunting

3. Fill that table!
Cupcakes, candy, drinks.. whatever you make, make it in style!

Brain cupcakers, even the crow wants to steal one

Bloody cocktails
I’ve got my eye on you!

Napkins in style

Chopped fingers…

and without some spooky candy, it’s not a real Halloween

There are many ways towards a great Halloween, this is mine and we sure had a blast! As you can see you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have something cool, there are many things you can make yourself. Honestly, it’s even more fun when you do.

Have fun!

The wicked witches, crow lady, fortune teller, Wednesday and Bat Noes


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