Monthly Archives: April 2012


Royal carrot cake

Tomorrow we are celebrating Queensday, here in Holland. A festivity, a celebration. What better excuse is there to bake? So I hereby present my ‘royal’ carrot cake!   Orange topping since that is the color for the royal family and is probably the color that 90% of the Dutch are wearing tomorrow. For anyone unfamiliar with carrot […]

Springtime garland

While reading the easter edition of one of my favorite magazines I found such a fun idea. Sure you can go ahead and just buy pretty things but when it comes to seasonal styles, how often would you like to change? And how fun is it to make something yourself? Even just the process of […]

Slinger 'Bird'

Fabulous Fifi

Cute, very fashionable and a huge celebrity… Who’s that girl? It’s Fifi Lapin! Fifi only wears the most fabulous outfits from the runway and rocks them. Admire all her runway (and off runway) outfits, here at her blog. Fifi party proof, Winter wonderland proof and all ready for girls night out! We definitely share the same taste since […]



City seeing: Antwerp 1

Shopping Walhalla Antwerp, before you know it months pass without paying it a visit. Luckily we made up for that the past week… double. One day for shopping, one day for sightseeing, but as you could expect that division got mixed up as soon as I was there.   Shopping Urban Outfitters, River Island, Forever […]