Monthly Archives: February 2012

Che cosa mi può consigliare?

That’s a good question. A while back I decided I wanted to learn Italien. Speak, write, the lifestyle… dolce far niente. Unfortunately I haven’t started a course yet but I do have this guide that I use to learn a few new words or little sentences everytime. Tiny sentences like ‘la mia pasticceria’. Yes, so […]

De Markt Utrecht


The right mood

Since you simply can’t have everything, because you should always have dreams and wishes and because some things are just so pretty or cute the way they are… I love making mood boards. Right now the weather is grey-ish and rainy but my current mood board makes me think of my favorite spring flowers, cool […]

the asteroids galaxy tour

Jeez Louise

Well jeez Louise a love roulette Yeah we got good times rolling in a red corvette You and me in silhouette We’re gonna hip shake escape Do the things we never dared   Turn it on, volume up and dance!  Love,Noes