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Ode aan Een

Geloof het of niet, er bestaat nog leuke televisie! Ik vond het wel gepast deze blog in het Nederlands te doen aangezien het hier om, eerlijk waar, echt leuke Nederlandstalige televisie programma’s gaat. Het is natuurlijk een kwestie van smaak, maar als je het mij vraagt wordt er tegenwoordig nog maar weinig echt hoogstaande televisie […]


fifi lapin boek

Little things

Blogger Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere can be an inspiration for many things. She has many DIY ideas, fashion and make-up tips and yummy recipes but today she inspired me with something else. Regularly she posts a blog under the name of ‘Five things’. In this blog she simply shows and names five things that […]

The Great British Bake Off

Anyone out there just as obsessed with baking as I am? Holla! It’s not just baking itself that I love but also all these great TV shows about cakes, cupcakes, cooking and last but not least… contests. Last night I discovered The Great British Bake Off on BBC Two and it’s really something. Twelve contestants […]



Bloody hot

Not only the weather of the past days makes the temperature rise. The subject or subjects of this blog can be described in several ways: They are bloody hot, their love might hurt, they are dangerously attractive and are hungry for you. Literally. Yes, I am talking about our dear friends Edward Cullen, Damon Salvatore, […]

You make it real for me 1

Noes is back! It took a while but now I have enough to tell you again! The Noes-News I turned 19! Not that I really wanted to, because now I am slowly moving to 20 and then you never get out of the ‘ty’ again. twenTY, twenTYone, twenTYtwo.. you get where I am going? We […]



My Own.. 2

Yeah that’s a show of mtv, and how I’d wish they made it in holland also! I guess everyone secretly has a sort of idol and it really wouldn’t be that bad to have that person for your own, or someone who comes near to be it ofcourse.. Me too! I want my own… hmm […]