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The happiness project

Daar zat ik dan… aan het strand van Koh Lanta, Thailand. Stralend weer, een ruisende zee en door het laagseizoen een ongekende rust. Hiervoor hadden we onze eerste dagen in Thailand doorgebracht in Bangkok, dat was wel even wat anders. Heel veel verkeer, veel mensen, overal wel iets te zien. Als je dan opeens een […]


Fabulous Fifi

Cute, very fashionable and a huge celebrity… Who’s that girl? It’s Fifi Lapin! Fifi only wears the most fabulous outfits from the runway and rocks them. Admire all her runway (and off runway) outfits, here at her blog. Fifi party proof, Winter wonderland proof and all ready for girls night out! We definitely share the same taste since […]




These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder Which, as they kiss, consume Romeo & Juliet, Act 11, Scene VI New Moon Beginning Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice From what i’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favour fire […]

Bloody hot

Not only the weather of the past days makes the temperature rise. The subject or subjects of this blog can be described in several ways: They are bloody hot, their love might hurt, they are dangerously attractive and are hungry for you. Literally. Yes, I am talking about our dear friends Edward Cullen, Damon Salvatore, […]



The simple joys in life

I might seem a high maintenance girl. Well, let’s be honest in some ways I am. But sometimes my whole day can brighten up because of some simple things. Today is such a day. I am in love with my new shoes. Yes, the pair from my last blogpost. They are standing in the middle […]

The life of a rock chick, hot or not?

For a course at school we got the assignment to write a radio column, so hereby I proudly present my debut as a columnnist! Like many other people, I like day dreaming every once in a while. Think over your career, childhood dreams or fantasies you secretly would like to come true. My perfect combination […]



When I grow up.. 1

I’m sorry! It took a while again for me to come up with a new post. My excuse? It’s been hectic and sometimes a little dramatic too but I found some time to write to you about my thought again. Ok so here’s te story because I was reminded of some chilhood memories, and also […]

Lifestyle of the fabs & the awesome 2

It all started yesterday evening… me and my best friend started talking in english on msn, and as we talked on, we kept on doing that…we’re kinda silly sometimes, don’t mind us. It sounded a little geeky so we realised we’re not just that, but english talking awesome geeks! Well while talking we made a […]