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The Head and the Heart

For all y’all Lumie lovers, ja dat zijn The Lumineers natuurlijk, hier een kleine aanvulling aan je playlist. Meet The Head and the Heart! Mijn nieuwe ontdekking dankzij Hart of Dixie. Leuke mensen, leuke muziek, leuk filmpje… gewoon even kijken dus. Liefs, Noes


Be in my eyes, be in my heart

Well, they were and they definitely will be: The Lumineers   The folkrock band from Denver, USA existing of Wesley, Jeremiah and Neyla is taking over festivals and hit charts world wide ever since their single ‘Ho Hey’ came out. As with hit charts in other countries, they were introduced to the most of the […]

the asteroids galaxy tour

Jeez Louise

Well jeez Louise a love roulette Yeah we got good times rolling in a red corvette You and me in silhouette We’re gonna hip shake escape Do the things we never dared   Turn it on, volume up and dance!  Love,Noes

Please don’t stop the music

So I’ve seen some great bands and planned to visit some that I haven’t told y’all about! Myself and eight friends went to Rock Werchter festival, a music festival in Belgium from June 30th until July 3rd. It was my first time to do a complete festival including the camping for a week and everything […]


allison robertson3

I love rock & roll

Especially when it comes to female rock bands if you ask me. Throwing their hair around while playing, wearing heels and skirts, electric guitars. It just looks sexy and also important, it sounds really good. Guitarist Allison Robertson has been a role model to me for quite a while now. She’s super talented, beautiful en […]

Folks I met

A while ago I decided I should blog about every concert I went to. Since I’ve already cheated but still have some cool pictures and stories to share, this is an all including blog on the most recent shows. The title is a bit stolen from the band Jaywalkers, it’s one of their songs and […]



Jaywalkers 2

Recently the band changed it’s name into ‘Brigadiers’ and they are working on a brand new album. Check out their website. Meaning: the informal term used in North America for people whom illegally or recklessly cross the roadway as a pedestrian. No joke, there are even signs for it! Reckless as this is on busy […]

Start me up!

We’re half way there, whoa livin’ on a prayer. The combination the Glee girls made out of The Rolling Stones’ start me up and Bon Jovi’s living on a prayer is probably my favorite song at the moment but I have to make a confession. When I saw a Glee episode for the first time, […]



I know that you’re a glamour puss

But in this case, KT Tunstall is not the ‘you’. If there’s anything she’s not, it’s a girl craving attention of the paparazzi. I think she’s amazing: great voice, good style but never over the top. She’s a great artist but not one that’s in fashion or gossip magazines. For the gossip magazines: good but […]