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Ch-ch-cherry bomb!

For all of you who are curious about how Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning look on screen together as friends instead of enemies, I give you ‘The Runaways’. This is the story of guitarist and singer Joan Jett who had the dream of forming an all-girl rock band. With some help of famous manager Kim […]



Bloody hot

Not only the weather of the past days makes the temperature rise. The subject or subjects of this blog can be described in several ways: They are bloody hot, their love might hurt, they are dangerously attractive and are hungry for you. Literally. Yes, I am talking about our dear friends Edward Cullen, Damon Salvatore, […]

The simple joys in life

I might seem a high maintenance girl. Well, let’s be honest in some ways I am. But sometimes my whole day can brighten up because of some simple things. Today is such a day. I am in love with my new shoes. Yes, the pair from my last blogpost. They are standing in the middle […]


500-days-of-summer thebelljar.nl

500 days of summer, if only that existed 1

For Tom Hanson it did, but was he really happy with that? If you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. If not, well… then not. Today I watched the movie ‘500 days of summer’ for the second time and decided I felt like blogging about it. From the moment Tom […]

I heart Jasper

Yes, it is true. Head over heels, dazzled, swept of my feet and almost crazy in love if I would know him for real. Jasper who? Well he is known by many names: Jasper Hale, Jasper Whitlock or Jasper Cullen. Still don’t know who I am talking about? Then first take a look at this […]


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My heart is yours… 1

Yes yours! I’m sorry but I have to say it’s not to all of you, or maybe in a different way. Because there is a big chance that the cutie I fell in love with can’t read. Here he is! I’m still trying to find out what his name is because without a name no […]

What would any of you do? To fetch back…whitty Jack 1

I went to the third, and I hate to say it…last part of Pirates of the Caribbean; At world’s end. My review for you guys is very short, because maybe some of you haven’t seen it. And then it’s not very nice to tell you everything allready. But I think this will say enough(for the […]



A lot like love

It’s just an awesome movie! maybe the guys will think; aw such a chick movie again but whatever! For a chickmovie it’s great! So what you have to do: 1) buy/rent the movie 2) watch it! 3) download or buy(from iTunes) the following songs; Aqualung – What a feeling Third eye blind – Semi charmed […]