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You stylish animal

Spotted: stylish, faux leather animals. They might even be art. Meet Züny. Their slogan: “Make your life funny and easy” actually says it all. They want to distract you from annoyance, work pressure and frustration by making creative, fun leather home accessories. Because they want the emphasis to be on unique ideas, each Züny is […]


fifi lapin boek

Little things

Blogger Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere can be an inspiration for many things. She has many DIY ideas, fashion and make-up tips and yummy recipes but today she inspired me with something else. Regularly she posts a blog under the name of ‘Five things’. In this blog she simply shows and names five things that […]

Furry friend

As I announced on Facebook, this blog is about the newest addition to my phone. Rabito, inspired by everyone’s favourite pet. Besides the fact that it is the cutest, and probably the coolest, phone case I have seen so far it is also very functional. The detachable furry tail can be use as a phone […]



Fabulous Fifi

Cute, very fashionable and a huge celebrity… Who’s that girl? It’s Fifi Lapin! Fifi only wears the most fabulous outfits from the runway and rocks them. Admire all her runway (and off runway) outfits, here at her blog. Fifi party proof, Winter wonderland proof and all ready for girls night out! We definitely share the same taste since […]

Puppy love

I can’t help but love babies. And animals. But most of all baby animals. So even though I know I won’t be able to properly take care of it at this time in my life, I want my own puppy so bad.   Some day… x Love, Noes



You name it

First of all: Welcome to my renewed blog! I figured it was time for a new look to fit the messages so here it is! The subject of today: pet names. One of my friends has two new pets but the poor things don’t have a name yet. Why? Because it is damn hard to […]

My heart is yours… 1

Yes yours! I’m sorry but I have to say it’s not to all of you, or maybe in a different way. Because there is a big chance that the cutie I fell in love with can’t read. Here he is! I’m still trying to find out what his name is because without a name no […]

hartje voor blog


It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day! 2

Or maybe not? If you simply take a look through your window you know what I mean. Today felt like a sad, lazy and especially nasty day. The nasty is because for the rain of course. It makes your hair do crazy things, you feel cold and sticky, everything stays wet and every bus that […]

You make it real for me 1

Noes is back! It took a while but now I have enough to tell you again! The Noes-News I turned 19! Not that I really wanted to, because now I am slowly moving to 20 and then you never get out of the ‘ty’ again. twenTY, twenTYone, twenTYtwo.. you get where I am going? We […]