City seeing: Utrecht

Spending time at the very center of our country: Utrecht, a little bit of everything.
There are many options to fill your time with when you visit Utrecht, in between those you should definitely pay a visit to Daen’s.

Just as Utrecht itself has a lot of diversity, so has Daen’s. Fashion, coffee, wine, food, hotel that is how they summarize themselves.
Last weekend I explored the coffee and food aspect. And while you are there anyway you can’t help but to look around and notice the influence of fashion even within the cafe.


Washi taped pictures on the wall, it’s all the rage. We know that from personal experience.


Wise words.

2013-02-02 15.33.11

Clipboard menu. Very stylish and very delicious content.

2013-02-02 15.44.09

Freshly baked carrot cake. It was either this one or key lime pie, decisions decisions.

Apart from this delicious cake you can also enjoy a nice lunch or some appetizers with a glass of wine. After a moment for yourself you continue next door for Daen’s fashion.
Be sure to pay them a visit when you are in town.

Korte minrebroederstraat 13-17
3512 gg Utrecht


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