Last minute snack

We probably have all been in the situation: It’s weekend, stores may be closed but you get a call from friends or family that like to come over.
Do I have anything to serve as a snack?
Home made or fresh baked goods are the most popular but you’re not always prepared for that.

From now on, you will.
Make sure your freezer always provides puffy pastry (bladerdeeg), grated cheese, ground beef and have an egg, salt, pepper, sesame seed and/or poppy seed in stock.

Let’s get started!


First of all preheat your oven at 220 degrees and lay out a few slices of the pastry to get on room temperature.



Slice ‘m up, lay them out on a baking tray coverd with baking paper and cover the top with some egg. The egg is to let your topping stick and to let your snack have some more color after baking.



Sprinkle your chosen topping. I have the sesame and poppy seed combined with some coarse salt and the others are topped with grated cheese.

Option two!


Lay out the pastry (sticky side up) and cover about half of it with the cheese and some pepper (optionally).



Cover one side with some egg, fold and close by the use of a fork. This way the pastry will stick together and it also looks neat, doesn’t it?



Cut up into smaller pieces.



Again, cover the top with some egg and the leftover cheese.

Bake for about 20 minutes and you are done!



Puffy pastry is ideal to have in stock for these kind of ‘events’. You can fill or cover it with anything you like and it’s probably the easiest thing to do.
Have a good weekend and don’t forget to stock up your freezer.


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