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Happy Halloween!

This year I decided to take part in the Halloween celebration. Fun costumes, decorating the place, making themed snacks… Unfortunately Halloween is officially upcoming Wednesday which means all my friends will have the work early the next day. But I don’t give up so easily, we just celebrate on the weekends! Here’s my kind of […]


Rose cake

Culy pride

I am proud to say that the cake from my latest post, the rose cake, is the latest post on the biggest Dutch food platform It really is a fun piece whereby we hope to inspire all you readers! To read the article, click on the picture of the cake or right here. Enjoy! […]

Birthday cake

Last weekend it was my mom’s birthday (hip hip hooray!) but because of our big family and many friends, she had several days to celebrate. For the day with her friends I decided to try something I had seen online, on the website of a famous bakery: the rose cake. Because I wanted to have […]

Rose cake


Food lovin’ 2

Photography. Some love it for fashion, for scenery, celebrities or maybe art. I love it for food! Gosh I love it so much. Not because I just want to eat it all, sure who wouldn’t, but because it’s just so damn pretty. It makes sense, what you see is what you get. There’s no secret […]

DIY painting

So, as I said on the Facebook page I will also start posting tips and tricks for DIY’s from now on. I have done a lot of them lately and it’s so much fun to do, but let’s start with the basics! If you are going to DIY with paint these are the steps you […]

Gouden Hippo