City seeing: Antwerp 1

Shopping Walhalla Antwerp, before you know it months pass without paying it a visit. Luckily we made up for that the past week… double.
One day for shopping, one day for sightseeing, but as you could expect that division got mixed up as soon as I was there.



Urban Outfitters, River Island, Forever 21 and many more, I love them and they love me.
As you can see, my mission was successful: Aztec print shorts, cute bandeau top, finally a great guide on Australia, pretty jewellery, a fun festival attribute and the new Go Back To The Zoo album.

Australia guide: Fnac
Flask: Urban Outfitters
Shorts, top and jewellery: Forever 21



Since you can’t shop all day on an empty stomach, we also tested some restaurants and tea rooms.

Tortellini with spinach and four cheeses at the Italien. Yum.

Relaxing at Starbucks

coffee & cake

I truly want a shop like this! So cute!

Cheese- and tiramisu cake



Unfortunately not tasted since we’ve already had the delicious cakes seen above, but I will do so next time.
Take a moment to look at their site, looks divine!

And just because cupcakes are so cute looking…

I wanna make these myself!

Two entire days in this city and still such a short blog, but you know what they say… A picture is worth a thousand words.
And may I say so myself, they look like we had a great couple of days!

Thanks to Krista, Fleur and the city



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