City seeing: seaside shopping

What better way is there to spend your day off than getting on the road and just visit another city than the usual?
Especially with the amazing weather we’ve had here the past days.

My day off, Wednesday, was spend in lovely Middelburg.
Some highlights:


Cute, fun, delicious, making-me-jealous.
We went here for some tea, cake and ofcourse sightseeing. The teashop has pretty wallpaper, only the prettiest floral teacups, the most famous Dutch mushroom (red with white dots) in almost everything and a display like a candyshop.


An all time favorite, a familiar friend. Dille & Kamille, who could ignore you?


From an old friend to a new friend, Beadle.

As soon as you enter the shop you’ll want to buy everything, trust me. I was able to controle myself and bought the thing I loved most, a gorgeous necklace to which the owner (really nice and so creative) added a few pretty things for me.
She sells jewelry she designed and made herself but also tons of different beadles and beads to make something yourself, so very tempting.


As there is a time for shopping, there is one for a break with some lunch. Outside in the sun.

Apart from these highlights, the city has many more things to offer such as well known names in fashion, shoes, electronics and others included in bigger city centers.
A thing not every center is able to share is the iconic sight of the town, especially looking like this at the start of spring.

It was the perfect day off, away from the daily routine and surroundings. The first day being able to wear sunglasses all day long, stroling around town and not thinking about time.
Middelburg, you are lovely.



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