Springtime improvements 4

I’ve been reading a whole lot of interior magazines lately and had (and still have) some projects up my sleeve.
Now that the sun showed its face again, I got new energy to turn these ideas into actual plans.

First of all I bought a small table to replace the Ikea model beside my bed, its a ‘brocante’ varnished wooden table with a second shelf besides the table top. The legs are vaulted, gracious which gives it a classic look.
I bought some colored varnish (a light taupe) to redo the whole table but after some consideration I decided to stay with the original color and use this varnish on a cabinet that actually did need some attention.

The dark varnish of this 3 drawer cabinet wasn’t quite a match with the other colors in the room in the first place, but the model is so beautiful that I decided to used it as it was until I had a better idea. Which I did have now.
So I started taken of the ironwork, sanding the surface and prepping it for the new varnish. I knew it would need two layers of varnish because the new color is much lighter than the original, but I must say that for a first time solo furniture make over… the result is amazing. Isn’t it a beauty?

While I was at it anyway, I also provided the frame of my moodboard with a bit of this pretty color and rearranged the room. I’m really happy with the result and the make over skills I seem to have!

Here some pictures of the current look of the room.

My desk with the Mexican cabinet which does not look that Mexican anymore.

The wardrobe and my renewed cabinet.

My newest acquisition, the bedside table with moodboard and pretty ranunculus.

Now that I’ve started I’m considering new projects in everything. The contents of the bookcase have already become a victim of rearrangement but it’s not a drastic enough change for me yet. Luckely I still have some more magazines to read so who knows, maybe there will be a new project post soon…


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