Che cosa mi può consigliare?

That’s a good question.
A while back I decided I wanted to learn Italien. Speak, write, the lifestyle… dolce far niente.
Unfortunately I haven’t started a course yet but I do have this guide that I use to learn a few new words or little sentences everytime.
Tiny sentences like ‘la mia pasticceria’. Yes, so far I am able to tell an Italien guy that I own a pastry shop. Next stop? Making it true.

So reading the title of this blog in my guide I was inspired to write. So what do I recommend?
Ristorante ‘De Markt‘ in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

My sister took me to this restaurant a while back and yes, the food is amazing but that’s not all.

The open kitchen with all the fresh vegetables on display, the pizza oven on full speed, the pretty tiles…

The restaurant itself is charmed by beautiful and truly huge chandeliers but above all my favorite thing, the walls.

Several parts of the walls are decorated with all kinds of pictures that remind you of Italy. Scenery, wine, Italien people, little cars, olives, oranges, the sun, the market. I could go on forever. The result of it wants you to book a ticket right away and escape to Bella Italia.

My sister and I ordered Antipasti Mercato to try a bit of everything and a delicious tiramisu to top it off.
I’m already saving up every pretty picture I see to be able to create such a wall myself one day, until then we will still have ‘De Markt’. If you are ever near Utrecht, you should really go there and ‘prova’.

Arrivederci x,


All pictures used are property of restaurant ‘De Markt’.

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