The simple joys in life

I might seem a high maintenance girl. Well, let’s be honest in some ways I am.
But sometimes my whole day can brighten up because of some simple things.

Today is such a day.

I am in love with my new shoes. Yes, the pair from my last blogpost. They are standing in the middle of the room on a small table so I can look at them whenever I want. I love them, even though I almost broke my ankle trying them on in the store. Small detail.

The bouquet of pionies standing here on my desk, being just gorgeous.

My new nailpolish. It’s the exact right color and was also very low priced. That’s what I call a good catch.

This is the one.

My room being all clean and tidy.

The fact that I will finally see ‘Eclipse’ in 6 days. It’s a marathon and we are gonna dress up. Team Jasper!

The fact that I will go to Rockwerchter in 8 days and see Paramore again.

The beautifull weather outside.

Writing a blog instead of preparing my defence of graduation. I know, it’s important but I still have time. I will start right after this, I just like blogging better.

I’m going to the movies tonight. It’s gonna be Letters to Julliet or The Backup plan.

My new book ‘Eat, pray, love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert which has a picture of Julia Roberts eating ice cream on the front. I like reading in English. I like Julia Roberts. So far, I like the book. I will blog about it when I finished reading.

Yes, I am happy today. I hope you all are too.
xoxo and love,

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