The life of a rock chick, hot or not?

For a course at school we got the assignment to write a radio column, so hereby I proudly present my debut as a columnnist!

Like many other people, I like day dreaming every once in a while. Think over your career, childhood dreams or fantasies you secretly would like to come true. My perfect combination of these three? Becoming a real rock chick.

For me, and probably many other girls, this seems the best lifestyle you can think of. Imagine yourself using all your creativity to write lyrics and music, tour around the world and see the crowd go crazy over your gigs.
But does the life of a rock chick come that easy?

Let’s start with popularity of rock bands. Even now rock music already exists for a long time, men are the ones dominating. ACDC, The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park and Metallica are examples of bands that will be mentioned when you ask people; what is the best rock band?

Are female rockers taken seriously? Do people think also women can be amazing drummers, guitar players and are they tough and edgy?
Because rock music was made big in a time where feminism was not an issue yet, the men set the standard.
Rock music is hard work, cigarettes and leather, dark rooms and screaming guitars.

In my opinion leather looks more hot on women than it does on men and so do dark rooms, but what about the rest?
Life on the road means hard work and long days, so the rock chick needs to show her muscles. In the music scenes there is no time to wine over a broken nail, show those men what you are made of.
Of course moving around speakers is not your main job, you need to blow your fans away, but while woman have smaller hands to cherish that guitar and have higher voices, that start is made.

Still not convinced? So you are a tough cookie, but no worries because I have a successful rock chick for you.

After this column, open Google for more pictures, but for now I proudly represent my favorite chick ever, Allison Robertson.



Allison Rae Robertson, born in 1979 is the ultimate example of a successful rock chick. As guitarist of the band The Donnas she has been playing shows since 1993 with growing success. The band, including only girls, released 7 albums and a dozen of singles and soundtracks. As the crown of her success Allison won the title of best female guitar player of the well known magazine Guitar Player in October 2008.

For me, Allison Robertson is the living proof that it is still possible. That is why I will not give up on my dreams. I’ve got the leather jacket, eyeliner and electric guitar… now let the fame kick in.


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