When I grow up.. 1

I’m sorry! It took a while again for me to come up with a new post.
My excuse? It’s been hectic and sometimes a little dramatic too but I found some time to write to you about my thought again.

Ok so here’s te story because I was reminded of some chilhood memories, and also of some memories of a stage where I was little older, officially older because you will see that mentally we (yes we) where still 8.

During the wonderful holiday called Carnaval in 2006 I was at a different place every day, together with my awesome friend Esje. If I remember correctly we started the first night in Made, then we moved on to Etten-leur, Raamsdonksveer and to finish it off we went to Breda.
But to start of with the actual story, Carnaval is about drinking to much and make out with random people. Actually I think it’s not supposed to be about just that but nowadays it clearly is. (You’ll see the proof in February)
Because we were partying every night until everything closed we lost it a little bit, well let’s be honest, we were totally wasted!
I think that first day in Made was the worst.
We were dressed in pink mini skirts with wings and glitter everywhere and to finish it off in our style, allstars. Our identies where changed, that night we were elves and my name was Faylinn. When we were kicked out of the bar because it was closing we ran around outside singing ” Pump it! Louder!” and found a snackbar on wheels.
For a little while we seriously thought someone stole our french fries but actually we just ate really fast and didn’t really realise it anymore.

After solving that mistery we were bored and really not tired yet so we were dancing on the streets and passing all the stores and ofcourse the stores have windows! In those windows there are those dolls that you can dress up and in one store the doll had no outfit anymore and his ass was facing the outside.
Because our magic wand was hitting everyone already for most of the night it decided to hit the ass of the doll too (it really wasn’t us doing that, it was the wand!

After that it all got a little blurry but I remember we made it home in some way and ended up on the kitchen floor laughing our assess off. When we woke up the next day, in bed suprisingly, I realised I still had all my smokey-eyes-makeup on when I fell asleep so half of my face was black, yes like a panda!
When we saw each other we died of laughing again because I think she was wearing 20 layers of clothing because she was so cold that night.
That moment, no offence to anyone!, Die Toerk & Pandi were born.

I am really suprised I remember all this still when you think how much we drunk those nights!
After that we kept calling each other this way and had gigant plans for the future.

Ever heard of a better company name than Die Toerk & Pandi Productions?
I don’t think sooo!

Our company would become a kick ass music label with Pandi as the producer and die Toerk as our photographer, the rest of the tasks would be fine, no worries.

We even made a little parody to a well know song to make clear what our life would be:
Lifestyle of the rich and the awesome!

We would call ourselves fabulettes too, because ofcourse we are just fabulous!

All the awesome artists like The Kooks, Lily Allen and Paramore wanted to be with our label and we became famous al over the world. We have houses at all the greatest cities in world to do business the right way and have a holiday or two.
We both have our dream guy, Max Rafferty from the Kooks with Es and James Morrison with me.
Unfortunately that part of the plan is messed up now because Es is with Bas now and James Morrison has a girlfirend and baby.

For serious business we would hire secret-knight-agent Bob, yes even his real name is a secret! You remember him for one of my first posts? Because we are sooo succesful I also decided to do some interior designen aside of it because I just love it and all the stars wanted to hire me for it. Together with the art of Esje we would be unstopable!

Yes we do have a lot of imagination, don’t we?
But I have faith that someday these Toerk & Pandi will just be as succesful as we discussed but maybe the company would look a little different with some other artists.

The first real ambition I had was when I was a really little girl. My parents took me and my two sisters to the circus and that’s where it all started. Little Noes saw a woman in a beautifull costume on top of an elephant!
From then on I wanted to be a ‘elephant rider in China’.
Please don’t ask me why and what the reason was for China but I think it seemed really obvious to me that if you were an elephant-rider you lived in China.

To try a little interactivity for a change, what where your childhood ambitions?

At this moment I just want to finish of school to be a Media & Entertainment Manager and whatever my job will be in the future, I have faith that I will be rich & awesome with Es!

So that’s it for today! It’s time to shower and make smoothies! No, not making smoothies while showering, that would be a mess

xoxo Pandi

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    -In english, I suppose :P-

    Well Noes, if you become rich ánd famous, I will be the first one that will ask an autograph whaha!

    Xx Krisch