Lifestyle of the fabs & the awesome 2

It all started yesterday evening…
me and my best friend started talking in english on msn, and as we talked on, we kept on doing that…we’re kinda silly sometimes, don’t mind us.
It sounded a little geeky so we realised we’re not just that, but english talking awesome geeks!
Well while talking we made a sort of future story for ourselves…
Because my dear friend is going to be an amazing photographer, and I’m planning to be producer we will start our own company with producing, phtographics, musiclabels and so on
Me and my fabbie in crime, Louise will live in London(in the first place) and have a few vacation places like in hawaii, somewhere in the U.S. , like New York and ofcourse the lovely Brisbane in aussi.
Die toerk & pandi around the world (yeah that’s us)
All this just because we were in a silly mood and were trying to improve our english a little bit!
We would go international and build our fame, and ofcourse our company should have an apealing name! and because we are sooo fabulous & awesome, we decided to pick the name:

The fabulettes

All the great celebrity’s want a recordlabel from us ofcourse and so we’ll get to meet people like James Morrison, The Kooks, Lily Allen, The Donnas and The Veronicas are our best friends at that time!
James will not be able to resist me and the same thing will happen between Louise & Max Rafferty, we’re just so amazing.. living in a complet lifestyle of the fabs & the awesome
And ofcourse we will meet our heroes from the movie, Lords of Dogtown… very nice skater/surferboys;)
no doubt they’ll teach us who to become the best skater/surfer gals!
and we will be able to dance like hun (yeah yeah..I mean Honey ofcourse)

We and our company will be IT, the creme de la creme…the nose of the tuna! (no, not the salmon..the tuna!!)
All the guys who treated us bad will regret they’re wasted changes.. because they’ll see who we really are! come on!

while reading this my dear fabbie will think: damn you noes! your so bad…(with the british accent) but it’s just true! we can’t help becomming this all, do we?
We’re not kapulets, but fabulettes!
with necklaces like carrie in satc, but then with our fab name ofcourse.. so preppy that it’s amazing

According to Bob, a friend from school (and no he’s not having a weblog that’s called that way:P)
silly is like the new cool, so that’s an amazing compliment!
thank you, thank you! you are going to be the best secretknight-agent! I just know, and if you ever need anything out of the bizz, you know where to find us!

*because of private rules we changed names in this article.

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2 thoughts on “Lifestyle of the fabs & the awesome

  • Esther

    Hahaha OHMYGOD, I simply adore you my fabbie! :D

    We’re sooo awesome. Look at our egos, they’re growing! THEY’RE GROWING!


    One day my dear friend, this will all come true :D.

    xx. Fabulette #1